ICE Turbo Drive

Description: Turbo Drive, ICE, 1980s (exact date unknown), two players, ICE is the same company that makes the domed bubble Chexx Hockey. two small slot cars race around a slot car track inside a domed cabinet. Newer version of Southland Engineering's Speedway (9/63), and Time Trials (6/63), and AMF's Little Indy and American Indy.

The game was originally developed and built in Spain. It was licensed and built by ICE in the late 1980s, and updated for the North American gaming market. It was expensive and originally sold for approximately $4500. After building / selling approximately 240 games, ICE stopped production.

The dome was made from 8mm clear extruded acrylic that was thermoformed in a 7 x 9 foot forming machine at American Form Tech Inc. in Salamanca NY (south of Buffalo NY). The fiberglass mold was hung upside down from the top platen and forced the mold into a 4í x 8í full sheet of plastic after it was heated. This was quite a challenging part to make. ICE threw out the tooling in the 90s. Then they wanted to make some more Turbo Drive games, but never did because they did not want to pay to retool the dome.

On Turbo Drive pay attention to the posted speed limits, because if you donít you will be penalized by having your car become non-operational for a short time. Joystick is used to shift through four gears while you drive your car through the multi-level race course. The scoreboard keeps track of your speed, laps completed, lap times, the leader, high score. The racetrack area is 6' 7" wide, 3' 6" deep. The total height with the plastic bubble dome 4' 8". The plastic dome lifts up from the front to allow access to the track area.

Pictures by 59redvette:

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