1965 Williams Hollywood Driving Range

Description: Hollywood Driving Range, Williams #308 (replay) & 323 (novelty), 1/65, one player, golf theme pitch and bat style game with manikin golfer. Bagatelle backglass animation, similar to Williams' Apollo (1967) pinball game. Uses same manikin golfer as Mini Golf (9/64). Of the manikin golf games, this is a good one, with backglass animation and good game play. Also used traditional backglass style score reels scoring instead of just strokes and holes. Feels more like a pitch and bat game, as the player is aiming for a set of round red and blue targets across the back edge of the playfield (instead of aiming for golf holes/playfield holes like on Mini Golf). Uses five 5/8" (.625") balls. Top glass is 36" x 23" x 3/16" tempered glass.

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Scoring works like this: The player is given 15 balls (shots) to get the highest score possible (unlike Mini Golf and Little Pro, where a lower stroke score is the objective, like the game of golf). When the game starts, the value of the one lit red target is 100 points (the only red target that scores is the lit red target; the others do not score). Every time the lit red target is hit, the light moves to another red target (there is only one lit red target at a time). If three 100 points red targets are hit, the lit red target value increases to 500 points. After hitting five lit red 500 point targets, the lit red target value increases to 1000 points.

All the blue targets are worth 50 points. If any blue target is hit, the bagatelle kicker shoots the 5/8" captive bagatelle ball in the backglass. This adds a random score of 10, 100 or 1000 points to the 50 point blue target score. Note the bagatelle *only* energizes with a hit to the blue targets (the red targets do not use the bagatelle). This means that hitting the lit red target does not always give the highest score, because a random bagatelle ball can give the player 100 or 1000 points in addition to a blue 50 point target. This makes the game a bit more random, and allows casual players the chance to win games over experienced players.

On the replay version of Driving Range, if the player has gotten to the red target 500 point level, the game will light on the backglass a "1000 lane scores special" light during the game's last three balls. If the bagatelle puts a ball down the 1000 point bagatelle lane, a special (free game) will be given instead of the 1000 points. The replay version also has an adjustable replay at 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6000 points scored.

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