1964 Williams Mini Golf

Description: Mini Golf, Williams #301 (replay) & #309 (novelty), 9/64, two players, manikin golfer. Must shoot holes one to nine, in order, with a limited number of shots. A very linear game, as you always start with the same hole (hole one). The rights for this game were bought from Southland Engineering. Hence Mini Golf is very similar to their Little Pro (1964) game, but Mini Golf uses score reels to show strokes taken. A more pitch and bat style of this game was released in 1965 with Williams' Hollywood Driving Range game.

In the early 1960s Harry Williams sold his interest in Williams Electronics and moved to Florida. Finding retirement a bit boring, he started a new company called Southland Engineering. Buying the parts for his games from Williams Electronics, Southland Engineering made a few game including Little Pro. Little Pro was very popular, so popular that Williams bought Southland Engineering to get the game (and also to get Harry Williams out of competition with Williams Electronics). The Williams version of the game was of course Mini Golf and was a two player game (Little Pro was a one player game).

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