1964 Southland Engineering Little Pro

Description: Little Pro, Southland Engineering, 3/64, one player, designed by Harry Williams, low production, very similar to Williams' Mini Golf (9/64) as Williams bought the rights to Little Pro, but Little Pro has a much less attractive art. Game uses five 5/8" (.625") balls, and has a 36" x 23 1/8" x 3/16" tempered top glass (could be 36" x 23", but in my personal game that would be just a bit too small).

There are nine holes, and each hole is "par 3". The machine gives the player 27 strokes in which to complete all nine holes. The game ends when the player completes nine holes, or 27 strokes are taken, which ever is first. The backglass lights for each of the nine holes the player is currently shooting for. There is a single motorized steper unit that displays the number of strokes taken. A free game can be won if the player does all nine holes in 18 strokes or less (operator adjustable from 9 to 18 strokes). Since there is no credit wheel on the game, the free game is played by pushing the front cabinet's "qualify" button (free games can not be accumulated).

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