1955 International Mutoscope K. O. Champ

Description: K.O. Champ, International Mutoscope, 9/55, two players, KO Knock out Champ has manikin boxers fighting each other under a clear dome. When a player is knocked out, a ring side mounted light goes on signalling a knockout. The biggest problem with this game is the plastic dome, which is usually broken. Often the plastic dome over the manikins is missing or broken.

This game is unique compared to the 1948 Mutoscope Silver Gloves and 1928 National Novelty Knock Out Fighters, as it has a referee that does the count when a boxer is knocked out.

The Mutoscope KO Champ came in two formats, nickel and dime. The earlier nickel version only allowed for one knockout, and then the game ended. This could result in an extremely short game, so the machine was electrically redesigned to allow multiple knockouts per game (hence the price increase from 5 to 10 cents.) This involved adding new circuitry to allow the manakins to reset during the game. Unfortunately there was no scoring memory (score reel) added to keep track of each player's knockouts.

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Game from J.Zijlmans, pictures by P.Hoebert:

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