1928 National Novelty Knock Out Fighters

Description: Knock Out Fighters, National Novelty, 1928, two players, KO K. O. Fighters has manikin boxers fighting each other. The rumor as to how K.O. Fighter was developed goes like this: Charles Fey had just finished hearing the broadcast of the Louis-Schmelling fight on the radio and thought a coin-op game that could recreate a boxing match would be a real winner. Fey opted out of production, instead selling the game right to National Novelty (a St.Paul MN scale maker).

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This game is completely mechanical, and uses no electricity except for a light in the metal hood. Each player must insert a nickel for their manikin to box using their gun handle style grip. Two triggers on the pistol grip controlled the boxer's two arms independently. When a boxer is hit on the chin, this pushes in a pin which causes the wood manikin to fall down and colapse. The manikin can not stand back up to continue boxing until another nickel is inserted. There is no scoring device at all. The game keeps going until one of the boxers is knocked out, then the game is over. Also this game is a maintainence hog, since most of the mechanisms are quite worn (due to it's age), and requires constant tinkering or replacement of the linkages. Also sometimes one boxer falls easier than the other, making it a one sided fight.

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Repainted cabinet.

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