1970 Williams Mini Bowl

Description: Mini Bowl, Williams, 8/70, two players, mechanically animated manikin bowling game. Five foot playfield length. A 1970 reissue of the classic Ten Strike (12/57) and Ten Pins (12/57), but with Regulation bowling scoring instead of 30/20 point strike/spare scoring. The regulation scoring makes Williams MiniBowl a more true bowling game than the original Williams 10 Strike. Different construction than the original 1957 Ten Strike: more bulky cabinet (the head does not detach from the body), less visibility of the manikin (due to the cabinet style), the 1970s era "pointy" artwork, lack of the 1950s "woodrail" cabinet trim, and ball delivery from the pins to the manikin *under* the playfield instead of on top. Sega copied Williams Mini Bowl exactly with their game Pro Bowler (1972).

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The author's Williams Mini Bowl all fixed.
This game was 'rescued' from storage in a dirty garage. It was in horible shape.
I mean it's still not perfect, but I just do not repaint cabinets unless the original
paint is already removed or 50% gone. I did repaint the front of the cabinet because
a big piece of plywood delaminated leaving a bare spot.

The backglass is a reproduction. The original was peeling badly so I had
a guy do a reproduciton. It came out great!

I bead-blasted all the metal parts inside the game as there was
a fair amount of rust. After blasting, I sprayed a light coat of
Krylon Crystal Clear to prevent any new rust. The coin door was
transplanted from another Williams EM of the same era (this was just
easier than bead blasting all the coin door guts). I bought a small
(and cheap!) self-contained bead blasting unit from Harbor Freight.
It's real easy to blast parts with this unit and it was under $100.

Hard to see here but I installed a new plywood bottom board in the game.
The original that Williams used was not plywood but some sort of cheap
press board. It was bowed and not helping the integrity of the cabinet.
It was not hard to install the new bottom when you already have everything
out of the cabinet.

The same Williams Minibowl before clean up:

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