1957 Williams Ten Strike

Description: Ten Strike, Williams, 12/57, two players, mechanically animated manikin bowling game, replay version (match) of Ten Pins (12/57). Does not score like regulation bowling; Strikes are worth 30 points, spares are worth 20. In a "blow" situation, each pin is worth one point. Awards replays for a match and for high scores. Ball used is 1 1/4". Reissed in 1970 as Mini Bowl. Williams also made a 6 player version of Ten Strike called Williams Jumbo bowling alley. This also came in both 5 and 7 foot versions.

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Williams bought the idea (and perhaps the "little man" tooling) from Evan in 1955 when they went out of business (see the 1939 to 1953 Evans 10 Strike for more details). Williams updated the game to two players and used score reels, and changed the cabinet style. Williams also made 10 Strike available in several formats including a 5 foot alley length (the most common varient), a 7 foot alley length (rare and way more realistic game play than the 5 foot version), and a 7 foot six player Ten Strike (has a huge backbox and less than stellar graphics, because of the space needed for the additional player score reels). Of the three versions, I personally prefer the 7 foot over the 5 foot scale, as the game play is more challenging and realistic. The six player 10 Strike is probably the least popular (but the most rare) of the three versions, due to it's bacbox size and much duller art.

Click here for a 15 second MPG movie (1.3meg) of a 1957 Ten Strike (5 foot version) being played in one player mode. Click here for a 15 second MPG movie (1.3meg) of a 1957 Ten Strike (7 foot version) being played in one player mode.

The Williams version of Ten Strike is more popular than the Evans version, probably due to the greater availability of games and parts. For example:

Manikin (Mannequin) Arm Bearing:

  • LEFT Side: Loose bearing under manikin's left shoulder: 1" long, 5/16" ID, 7/16" OD. Known as "Bear-B-Bronz 660 Cast Bronze bearing", available from Boston Gear, catalog# M57-8 ($5.34 each as of Oct 2002).
  • RIGHT Side: The captured bearing under his right shoulder is 11/16" long, 5/16" ID, 7/16" OD. I've not yet found a source for this odd size. Presumably in a pinch you could just cut down the same bearing used for the left side from 1" long to 11/16", or get a 3/4" long bearing (3/4" long bearing is Boston Gear catalog# M57-6).

Arm and Shaft Miter Gears:

  • 16 D.P. Miter Gear, 12 teeth, .750 Pitch Dia, Martin Sprocket part# M1612. Also available from Boston Gear ($16.11 each as of Sept 2002).

Don't know why, but I used the Boston Gear Sioux Falls phone number, (605) 336-3471 (see http://www.bostongear.com for nearest distributor, or call 1-888-999-9860). I also ordered without problem from Applied Industrial Tech, Frederick, MD (301)-663-6620. They took a credit card, and I had them in less than a week.

Schematics. Each part is about 250k.

This is the 5 foot version of Ten Strike.

This is the rare 7 foot version Williams 10 Strike. Notice the different cabinet colors.

This is the rare six player, 7 foot, Williams 10 Strike, aka Williams Jumbo.

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