1939-1953 Evans Ten Strike

Description: Ten Strike, Evans, made from September 1939 to January 1953 in several different variations, mechanical manikin bowling bowler game. Less than 100 point scoring is shown on backglass using a rotating backlit score reel type device, which projects through a magnifier onto the score glass. Thousand scoring is shown in a conventional backlit lighting manner. Game uses two 1.25" balls and only plays five frames (instead of the usual 10 frames). First generation pre-WW2 (1939-1942) version has a green and yellow backglass with "Ten Strike" at the bottom of the glass. Post-War second generation (1947-1948) version has a green pin triangle with red pins and "Ten Strike" at the bottom of the glass. The third generation (1949-1953) version with light animated bowler man throwing the ball (showing which pins have been hit) and has "Ten Strike" at the top of the glass.

The schematic and patent info for this game is available here.

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Rockola also made a licensed version of 10 Strikes during 1940-1941. The Rockola game was call Ten Pins (10 Pins). Evans also made some other bowling type skee-ball games based on their 10 Strike game, including Ski-Ball (1940) and In the Barrel (1940). Gottlieb also had their Skee-ball-ette (1940).

During WW2, there were several revamps of the game, including Supreme BolaScore (Bowlascore), Valley Speciality Bank-A-Ball, and Mike Munves Thunderbolt.

Evans went out of business in 1955, and the manikin bowler idea (and apparently the "little man" tooling) was bought by Williams and used in their December 1957 "Williams Ten Strike" and "Williams Ten Pins", and later in their 1970 Williams Mini-Bowl, and even Sega's Pro-Bowler (1972). The Williams 10 Strikes (and later games) look completely different than the Evans 10 Strike, other than the mannequin.

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Flyer for the Evans "first version" 10 strike.

1939-1942 Version (First Generation).
The first generation Evans manikin bowler with "Ten Strike" at bottom of the GREEN backglass.

The square access hole on the right is NOT original.
Also the coin door "man" decal is not original.

1947-1948 Version (Second Generation).
The second generation Evans manikin bowler is on the RIGHT (1947/1948) with
"Ten Strike" at bottom of backglass (the LEFT game is the 1949-1953 third generation 10 Strike version).
These two pictures from P.Hoebert.

1949-1953 Version (Third Generation).
The third generation Evans Ten Strike has a light animiated
bowler throwing the ball and showing which pins are hit,
and "Ten Strike" at the top of the backglass.

Yet another version of this backglass. Note the "girl on bench" next to the "score" circle that is not
in the above backglass.

Two pictures below from R.Lahammer.

Misc. Pictures.
Both 1949-1953 (left) and 1939-1941 (right) versions.

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