1940 H.C. Evans In the Barrel

Description: In the Barrel, H.C. Evans, 6/40, manikin skee-ball bowling bowler game. Because of the problem with Evans' Ski-Ball game, "In the Barrel" modified the manikin skee-ball concept slightly. There were various "barrels" to score (just like Ski-Ball), but several of the high point barrels were motorized and moved away and towards the player. This meant the player not only had to aim and power the shot correctly, but he also had to "time" the shot. This prevented the player from finding the "sweet spot" and just holding the manikin in position to get the high point hole over and over.

Similar to Evan's In the Barrel (6/40) and Gottlieb's Skee-Ball-Ette (1940).

I am really looking for this "In the Barrel" game. If you have an Evans In the Barrel (or Ski-Ball or Skeeballette) for sale please contact me at cfh@provide.net

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