1940 Gottlieb Skee-Ball-Ette

Description: Skee-Ball-Ette, Gottieb, 1940, one players, manikin player skee ball bowling bowler game. Skee-ball-ette did not sell well, for a couple reasons. First it was not "first to market" (Evan's Ski-Ball was first to market). Also the game was not that challenging. If the player found the "sweet spot", they could just hold the manikin in position to get the high point hole over and over.

Similar to Evan's Ski-Ball (3/40) and In the Barrel (6/40).

I am really looking for this game. If you have a Gottlieb Ski-ball-ette (or Evans Ski-Ball or "In the Barrel") for sale please contact me at cfh@provide.net

Picture by K.Mchugh.

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