1940-1941 Rockola Ten Pins

Description: Ten Pins, Rockola, 1940-1941. Initially a copy of the 1939 Evans Ten Strike bowler. The popularity of this game was so great that by November 1939, Evans was looking for a manufacturer to licence their 10 Strike. They found a good partner with the Rockola company, who had extra production capability. By January 1940, Rockola was producing their own licensed version of the game, called "Ten Pins".

At first the Rockola 10 Pins version was a clone of Evans' Ten Strike. But shortly, Rockola's version became slightly different. It had higher scoring, and the cabinet was painted differently (at first it was red, and then became a painted marblized cabinet, much like Rockola's jukeboxes). Also the backglass was of course different, with TEN PINS and ROCKOLA proudly shown. World War Two hauled production of the Rockola Ten Pins in late 1941.

For more information, also see Evans Ten Strike, Williams Ten Strike, and Williams Ten Pins.

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The 1940 Rockola Ten Pins (first version).

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