1958 Bally All-Star Deluxe Bowler
1958 Bally All-Star Bowler
1958 Bally Super Bowler

There were three versions of this game:

  • All Star De luxe Bowler, 1/58 (novelty)
  • All Star Bowler, 1/58 (replay)
  • Super Bowler, 1/58

The All-Star Deluxe Bowler seems to be the most popular version of this game. and is the novelty version (no free games won). The All-Star Bowler replay version allows free games to be won and there's a credit wheel going up to 15 credits. Super Bowler is also a novelty version, but with "hidden" features. For example Super Bowler does have a score match, but instead of awarding a free credit (Super Bowler does not have a credit unit), it lights up an "official bowling score" light. This signals the arcade or bar attendant that a free game was won, and then a payout or game could be awarded by the attendant.

For all versions of the game the player must time the pressing of the front shot lever to aim the ball, as a ball shooting turret automatically moves side to side. The 3" rubberish ball is shot out from under the playfield at the pins at a fairly high velocity. This is done using a turret and a sort of slingshot type mechanism. This is considered a very fun game, with many people believing it to be more fun than Williams 10 Strike (which is basically a similar pinball sized bowling game).

Bally All Star Bowler Description: Two player, pinball sized bowler (66" long x 25" wide), woodrail trim, ball actually hits "fly away" style pins to score, regulation bowling scoring, cabinet designed much like Williams 1957 Deluxe Baseball with plastic window cutouts on the side. The game has a "turret" type aiming system that automatically moves side to side with a motor. The player must time when to press the front cabinet handle to shoot the ball. The ball is propelled using a catipult spring/arm system (the arm is returned to the firing position using a motor, and a solenoid-drive latch fires the catipult). Game uses two or three 3" black ball bowler balls. The ball feed mechanism is problemsome and is often broken or missing/disabled. All Star bowler can be played without this ball feed mech, but only with one ball (so there is a longer wait between shots). If the game is using two or three balls game time can be pretty fast, playing 10 frames in under about one minute if the player so desires. Top glass is 51" x 23" x 3/16" tempered glass.

This is the cousin to the All-Star bowler, the "Super Bowler":

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