1963 Chicago Coin Grand & Grand Prize Prize Bowler

Description: Grand & Grand Prize (bowling alley), Chicago Coin, 3/63, "swing-away" servicing (aka "outlaw sprint wing" or "free-back", which was only used on four CCM bowlers), normal sized score reels (large score reels discontinued earlier), six games (including Regulation, Select Strike, Beat-the-Champ, Flash-o-matic, Dual Flash, 3-Star), 13, 16, 21 foot length. The only difference between CCM "Grand" and "Grand Prize" (other than color) is the "Grand" model had a lane divider between the pins and the ball lane, where "Grand Prize" did not have this. The lane divider gave a cleaner look (the ball pit is far less visible, there are no lane rollover switches, there's no way to spill beer on the lane switches, and the ball never hits the pins so there is no pin breakage problems). But the lane divider also gives a somewhat funky look to the "Grand" bowler. The base color of a "Grand" is a salmon red color, where the base color of a "Grand Prize" is a gray-black. Both similar to the CCM Grand Spare Lite and Official Spare Lite bowlers.

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A guard was available for the game:

The author's 13.5 foot CCM Grand Bowler.
Note the unusual style of the pins on this game. The pin switches
are on the *top* (not on the bottom lane), so the ball must
be 4.5" or the switches will not activate. This is unlike most ball
bowlers where the pin switches are on the bottom lane.
Grand uses Roll-Under lane switches, where most bowlers use Roll-Over lane switches.
To facilitate this, there is a mini-pin deck that separates the pins from the
main lane. CCM did this so there is no pin breakage. It also prevents food and
beer from jamming in the lane switches (rendering the game inoperatable).
Also the lane looks much cleaner since there are no lane switches and the ball pit is hidden.
Though it looks a bit funky, this pin setup is much more maintainence free.

This pictures shows how the front score glass folds down revealing the mechs:

This pictures shows how the rear backbox panel folds down revealing the mechs:

Grand Prize Bowler (pic by tilyous).
On the CCM Grand Prize bowler you can see it uses the conventional Roll-Over lane
switches, unlike the CCM Grand bowler shown above which uses Roll-Under lane switches,
and has the mini-pin deck so the ball can never contact and break the pins.

Grand Prize Bowler (pic by tilyous):

Oak trim repainted blue.

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