1964 Chicago Coin Majestic Bowling Alley

Description: Majestic (bowling alley), Chicago Coin, 8/64, 13/16/21 foot lengths, 6 games (regulation, step-up, shadow bowl, flashamatic, dual flash, add-a-frame). Oak on game stained in darker "Fruitwood" finish. Protruding squared gooseneck ("Hi-Style" cabinet) design with backbox mounted far back. Seems to be the exact same game as CCM Grand Spare Lite (1963) except Majestic does not have the extra lane divider between the pins and the ball lane. Also nearly the same game as CCM Tournament (1964) except Tournament has a slightly different backglass layout. Majestic is the end of the line for good looking, natural oak, "traditional" paint scheme (non-lazy susan backbox) CCM ball bowlers. An excellent game that is good looking and eleglant, yet has all the features desired in a ball bowler (4.5" balls, multiple games, nice oak trim, etc.) Another good thing about Majestic's "hi-style" configuration is it's easier and more compact to move (compared to the earlier and later style cabinets). Majestic is also probably one of the best CCM ball bowlers, having a classic "look" and all the best features/games in a 4.5" big ball bowler.

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The author's CCM Majestic ball bowler.

A (correctly) repainted Majestic, but is missing the pindeck support rods:

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