1958 United Pixie Bowler

Description: Pixie Bowler, United, 9/58, two players. At 7.5 feet long and 5 feet high and 2 feet wide and using 2" balls, it's the world's smallest ball bowler. Even smaller than a shuffle alley, basically a miniature ball bowler. Similar in theme and looks (but not function) to 1958 United Midget Alley (differences include the Midget Alley is a contact bowler and the turret-shot ball is under glass, where Pixie bowler has lane switches and the ball is thrown by the player, among other differences).

Pixie bowler could be considered a rolldown bowler like the later United Silver and United Circus and CCM Variety, but it really is not a rolldown. The Pixie Bowler does not have a slopping (towards the pins) lane and does have gutters (unlike the above mentioned rolldowns). The lane height gives more ball bowler feel (it's much lower than a rolldown or shuffle alley), and this game really is considered a ball bowler. Infact, it's the smallest ball bowler ever made. The balls are 2" diameter (even though the flyer says 1.5"), which is smaller than the 3" balls used in most rolldown bowlers (and only the earliest ball bowlers used 3" balls, as the more common size is 4.5"). Pixie uses three balls and the ball return mech is the same style as used on Midget Alley. Switch on front of cabinet is a ball return switch, if needed by the player. But the game is pretty good about always having one ball available to the player.

The original base paint scheme on Pixie bowler is a green Zolatone (similar to Jungle Camo, but lighter green) multi-colored paint (same as used on Midget Alley 1958). Alternatively the original color could also be salmon pink. The single color stencil graphics were originally red or black on Pixie bowler. And the inset lines along the oak was red (matching the stencil graphics). The same red color was used on the inside of the backbox cabinet too (and can be seen when bowling).

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The Author's United Pixie bowler before repainting.
This game had been repainted at least three times prior.
The Pixie is sitting next to a 1962 United Silver rolldown bowler.
This gives a good size comparison and how small the United Pixie really is.

The Author's United Pixie bowler after repaint. The repaint is
fairly accurate except the base green is a bit too dark.

Here's a seemingly original United Pixie bowler.
Notice the cabinet color is salmon pink, but at the front of the game, green is underneath the pink. Hence I believe this game is also repainted.

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