1954 Gottlieb 4-Belles pinball

Description: 4-Belles, Gottlieb, 10/54, 400 produced, 5 trap holes, double award, Gottlieb Four Bells was an exact copy of Dragonette (6/54) except for different artwork. Because of that, this game uses a BALL COLLECT TRAY (and hence no "balls played" lights) and does not have a game over relay. LAST GAME TO USE TRAP HOLES, complete side bumpers 1 to 8 in order to light playfield replays, outstanding Roy Parker backglass and playfield art, woodrail pinball, Four Bells.

Gottlieb Four Belles has three ways to win a replay (or if game played as Double award, two replays). First is to complete the 1-8 side bumper sequence (in order). If this is done, the red "ding dong" bottom rollovers (A/B lanes next to the flipper) lights for a replay. These two left/right side rollovers alternate with the 10,000 unit. Next is to complete both the A and B rollovers next to the flippers, as this awards a Replay. It also lights the center rollover between the red pop bumpers for a Replay. The next way is to put a ball in each of the four outside trap holes. This also awards a Replay.

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