1965 Gottlieb Bank-a-Ball pinball

Description: Bank-A-Ball, 9/65, 3400 produced, animated pool balls in backbox, first game with return lanes to the flippers, wedgehead pinball. Bankaball is the replay, and Flipper Pool (it's sister) is the add-a-ball version. Gottlieb Bank a Ball and Gottlieb Flipper Pool are the exact same game, except Bank a Ball awards free games, and Flipper Pool awards extra balls.

The object of Gottlieb Bank a Ball is to hit (or rollover) all the numbered targets on the playfield. Each of the 15 targets has a corresponding plastic ball in the backbox. As a target is hit, the ball "falls" in the backbox. If all the solids or stripped balls (targets) are hit, the left or right rollovers lights for a Replay. If all 15 targets are hit, the center 8-ball target lights for replay.

Note a common problem with this game are the plastic balls in the backbox. often they break from the shock transmitted by the two reset coils (which resets the ball assembly in the backbox). The balls at the ends (1,2,14,15) break the most, as they are closest to these two reset coils. Also the backglass (score glass) on this game often has peeling artwork.

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