1976 Gottlieb Sure Shot Pinball (1 player replay)
1976 Gottlieb Bank Shot (1 player add-a-ball)

Description: Gottlieb Sure Shot pinball, Gottlieb Bank Shot pinball. Lots of roll-over targets, two kick out holes, two 3" flippers, two slingshots. Single player wedgehead cabinet design with the Columbia Pictures deeper cabinet. They made 3700 Gottlieb Sure Shot pinballs in the replay version, and 730 Gottlieb Bank Shot add-a-ball pinballs.

On the Gottlieb Bank Shot (add-a-ball), completing all the pool balls turns on the two kickout holes for add-a-ball. They only stay lit for the current ball - when the ball drains all the targets re-light and the kickout holes are no longer lit for add-a-ball. The ball count unit on Bank Shot only goes to five balls, but there is a second ball count unit that lights "wow" for up to five more balls. The "wow" lights are shown in the chandelier, and the won balls are not added to the regular ball count. The player "plays off" the "wow" balls first, and then the regular ball count starts to decrement.

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