1974 Gottlieb Big Indian Pinball (4 player)

Description: Gottlieb Big Indian pinball. Same game as Gottlieb Big Brave pinball, just different number of players (4 players versus 2 players). Gottlieb sold this game design in the two flavors, though they are essentially the exact same game (with slight artwork differences). The 2 player version (Big Brave) had a lower price, and was marketed to game operators with less money to spend. Has a bank of 5 drop targets, two pop bumpers, one varitarget, two slingshot, two 3" flippers.

If the A-B-C rollover lanes are completed, the drop target Special light goes on (last target down will score a free game). Also if the drop target bank is completed, again the Special light goes on (last target down will score a free game). The varitarget, if hit all the way in, will score 5000 points and advance the bonus five positions. Double bonus lights on the last ball.

They made 8030 Gottlieb Big Indian pinballs, and 3450 Gottlieb Big Brave pinball machines. Score card scans are available here.

The author's Gottlieb Big Indian pinball game.
(Incorrect legs, should be chrome.)

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