1954 Gottlieb Diamond Lill pinball

Description: Diamond Lill, 12/54, 700 produced, 2 kick out holes, double-award, center horseshoe around a pop bumper, reverse flippers. Has the old style BALL COLLECT TRAY (and hence no "balls played" lights) and does not have a game over relay (probably because this game was designed earlier and not released). woodrail pinball. Artwork by Roy Parker.

Gottlieb Diamond Lil has reverse flippers, but this is done for a reason. There is a center "loop" shot that utilizes the reverse flippers very well. This is a cool game, a great player. No trap or gobble holes. And the loop shots and the two side shots are very rewarding.

The object is to complete the loop shot (or the two outside shots, or the individual bumpers) to complete the 1-10 lights, awarding a "point". Each of the 10 bumpers has a center colored light to represent it. A loop shot will do all 10 lights in a row. The right and left outside shots will do 5 lights in a row. And the bumpers at top do each individual light. When all ten lights are completed, a point is awarded. When the point value get to 12 and above (operator selectable), replays are awarded (one for each 1-10 light completion). Completing the lower A-B-C-D lanes also lights the two side kickout holes for Replay. There is an adjustable plug to light the center lower rollover for Replay. When the points gets to 13 and above this rollover lites for Replay.

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