1972 Bally Fireball pinball (4 player)

Description: Bally Fireball pinball, 2/72, 4 players. Has up to 3 ball multi-ball and zipper flippers (mehcanical flippers that move inward to block the balls from draining). Fireball also had three pop bumpers, two slingshots, two 2" zipper flippers, a cliff-hanger skill shot, three mushroom targets, and a rubber 6" spining disk in the middle of the playfield. Two kickout holes would capture the pinballs for multi-ball. When the two outside mushroom bumper targets were hit, this will release the corresponding ball. Unfortunately Fireball only has high score specials with no bonus, no extra ball and no playfield specials. They made 3815 Bally Fireball pinballs. They also made Bally Fireball in a German version with german text on the backglass, plastics and playfield.

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Author's North American 1972 Bally Fireball.

Author's German 1972 Bally Fireball.

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