1974 Gottlieb Free Fall (1 player add-a-ball)

Description: Gottlieb FreeFall pinball. Same game as Gottlieb Sky Jump pinball but Freefall is the Add-a-ball version. Bank of 7 drop targets, 3 pop bumpers, 2 slingshots, two 3" flippers. Single player wedgehead cabinet design. They made 4200 Gottlieb Sky Jump pinballs in the replay version, and 3450 Gottlieb Free Fall add-a-ball pinballs. They also made an Italian version of this game called Gottlieb Sky Dive (2260 made).

If player scores all 7 rollovers, the drop targets light for add-a-ball. But the AAB only lasts for the current ball (once the ball drains, all the rollovers reset and the player must score them again to get WOW back.) During WOW the drop target bank alternates which set of 3 outside drop targets light for AAB. (This alternames with the 10 point scoring, and the center drop target is always lit for AAB during this time.)

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