1977 Gottlieb Golden Arrow (1 player replay)

Description: Gottlieb Golden Arrow pinball. They made 1530 Gottlieb Golden Arrow pinballs in the replay version. (There was not Add-a-ball version made of this game.) Neat game play. The object is to get all 10 rollovers (though 2 of the 10 numbers are standup targets.) There's also two spinners, three pop bumper, two slingshots. There's a moving arrow that changes target when ever the center rollover button is scored. If the player gets a lit target that has a lit arrow, they are awarded 10,000 points (and a large 4" bell rings.) Only 5000 points are awarded if the arrow is pointing to an unlit target. It's a fun game as it's hard to get all 10 rollovers.

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