1952 Gottlieb Happy Days pinball

Description: Happy Days, 7/52, 1150 produced, 9 trap holes, Woodrail pinball, artwork by Roy Parker. This game is unique in a couple way. First, there are no drain holes. That is, the only way to lose the ball is in one of the nine trap holes. (The drain by the flippers is in case the game is tilted, balls will have a place to reset.) The next interesting fact about this game is the artwork. Of course it was done by Roy Parker, but the girl is a blond version of the famous 1940s actor Hedy Lamarr. And the kids in the artwork are supposed to be the Gottlieb family. Finally the Dunce is Roy Parker himself!

Hitting any 10,000 point switch will toggle the trap hole indicator from "O" to "X" (or vice versa). The object is to complete a tic-tac-toe like line in the trap holes. Getting three balls in a line in the trap holes (all "O" or all "X") will award a replay. Getting a ball in the center trap hole will light the side bumpers for 100,000 points. Completing the number sequence bumpers 1-8 (does not have to be in order) will light the two side rollover lanes for replay.

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1940s movie star Hedy Lamarr, which rumor has it, this game was drawn after.

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