1956 Gottlieb Harbor Lites pinball

Description: Harbor Lites, Gottlieb, 2/56, 1500 produced, 1 gobble hole, the first Gottlieb 1 player to replace the bottom wooden ball arch to a silk screened metal ball arch (but still used the red plastic ball shooter gauge). Also first game to introduce the bullseye ("center score") target, where a metal target has a very small center "point" that gives a higher score if the shot is "dead on center". Game also had two slot kickers, just to the side of the flippers. These would kick the balls out from the lower ball arch diagonal to the two targets at the mid-playfield. Harbor lites has three lit inserts signifying special, extra special, and super special. These give 1,2,3 replays. There is also a double lighted insert that doubles all awards (for a possible total of 6 free credits). woodrail pinball harbour lights. Artwork by Roy Parker. Graphics are available for the ball arch and plastics in Photoshop format here (9meg).

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