1977 Gottlieb Jet Spin Pinball (4 player)

Description: Gottlieb Jet Spin pinball. Same game as Gottlieb Super Spin pinball, just different number of players (4 players versus 2 players). Gottlieb sold this game design in the two flavors, though they are essentially the exact same game (with artwork differences). The 2 player version (Super Spin) had a lower price than the 4 player (Jet Spin), and was marketed to game operators with less money to spend.

Gottlieb Jetspin has a roto-target, vari-target, two pop bumpers, one kickout hole, two slingshots, two 3" flippers. If the vari-target is hit in all the way, this lights the left side lane target for 5000 and "special" (either extra ball or replay, operator selectible). Also the right and left side purple standup targets light for "special" too at certain increments of the bonus (again operator selectible, but at 4000, 6000, 8000, 10,000 points). The star target on the roto-target is worth 500 points. The center roto-target value is always multiplied by 10x, and it advances the bonus from 1 to 5 positions (depending on the center target value of 100 to 500). Where the two outside roto-targets do not advance the bonus, and their values have no multiplier. A nice feature on the playfield is a light for each of the three roto-targets, which lights when the corresponding roto-target is hit (as a quick player verification of a "hit"). If the center red playfield roto insert is lit, and the center roto target is a star, upon hitting the star Jetspin gives a "special" (extra ball or replay). Note this center red roto-target special light goes on only when the bonus value is maxed at 15,000 points. The top three rollover lanes always score 500 points, but if the rollover lane is lit, this will increment the bonus one step and spin the roto-target.

They made 4761 Gottlieb Jet Spin pinballs, and 1352 Gottlieb Super Spin pinball machines. The score card is available for download in Photoshop format here.

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