1954 Gottlieb Jockey Club pinball

Description: Jockey Club, 4/54, 1150 produced, 5 gobble holes, double award game, woodrail pinball. Artwork by Roy Parker. To play for double award, insert a second coin after the machine has reset, but before shooting the first ball. Playing the second coin will double all awards.

Replays are won multiple ways. Hitting the static bumper 1 to 7 (in order) will light the standup targets for replay (lower standups alternate via the 10k stepper, upper three standups have one lit target that rotates via 10k stepper). Interestingly, after the standups are lit for replay, the unlit standups score no points. Also the slingshots by the flippers give no points!

The gobble holes also award replays. One ball in each of the five gobble holes will award one replay. Three balls in one hole (show) awards one replay. Four balls in one hole (place) awards 3 replays. Five balls in one hole awards 8 replays. Unlighting the lower A and B rollovers will make all the numbered 1-7 static bumpers worth 100k (instead of 10k), and two side bumpers worth 100k. Replays also awarded based on points (adjustable).

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The author's 1954 Gottlieb Jockey Club.

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