1977 Gottlieb Jungle Princess Pinball (2 player)

Description: Gottlieb Jungle Princess pinball. Same game as Gottlieb Jungle Queen pinball, just different number of players (4 players versus 2 players). Gottlieb sold this game design in the two flavors, though they are essentially the exact same game (with artwork differences). The 2 player version (Jungle Princess) had a lower price than the 4 player (Jungle Queen), and was marketed to game operators with less money to spend. Gottlieb Jungle Princess has three pop bumpers, two kickout holes, two banks of 5 drop targets, NO slingshots, two 3" flippers, and two 2" flippers. They made 6795 Gottlieb Jungle Queen pinballs, and 1600 Gottlieb Jungle Princess pinball machines.

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