1967 Gottlieb King of Diamonds Pinball (1 player replay)
1967 Gottlieb Diamond Jack Pinball (1 player add-a-ball)

Description: Gottlieb King of Diamonds pinball, Gottlieb Diamond Jack pinball. Lots of rollover targets and a center spinning roto-target bank, small 2" flippers. Single player wedgehead cabinet design. King of Diamonds was a transition game, the last game to use the older style metal "jeweled" playfield posts. Note that Diamond Jack, it's sister game, definitely uses the newer plastic posts. Animated backglass where the cards scored fall down. They made 3200 Gottlieb King of Diamond pinballs in the replay version, and 650 Gottlieb Diamond Jack add-a-ball pinballs. They also made 3100 Gottlieb Solitaire pinballs, which was an add-a-ball version made for Italy. On Diamond Jack, get 5 of the sequential cards dropped in the backglass and win another ball (up to 10 balls maximum.) Score card for Diamond Jack available in Photoshop format here.

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Gottleib King of Diamonds pinball (notice metal playfield posts):

The author's 1967 Gottlieb Diamond Jack.

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