1950 Gottlieb Knock Out pinball

Description: Knock Out, Gottlieb, 12/50, 3000 produced, 2 kick-out holes, mechanical animation on the playfield of two boxers and a referee, woodrail pinball. If a knockout is scored, one of the boxers goes down, the referee counts him down, and then the box comes back out. Gottlieb Knockout boxing type mechanical animation pinball. Artwork by Roy Parker.

Gottlieb Knock Out game can win a replay by completing (operator selectible) number of knock outs (10 to 13 knockouts). Hit the center standup target for a knockout. Hit the left standup to unlight the 1-3 bumpers. Hit the right standup to unlight the 3-6 bumpers. Or just hit the individual bumpers (does not have to be in order) to unlight the bumper. Get all 1 to 6 bumpers unlit, and the knockout counter increments one. Getting 10 knockouts awards a replay and lights the side rollover lanes for a replay. Putting the ball once over the outside rollovers increments the corresponding lower yellow static bumper from 10,000 to 100,000 points. This also increments the kickout hole values from 50,000 to 200,000 to 500,000 points. Gottlieb Knock Out has a safety gate between the flippers. This comes up as the ball rolls over the switch at the top of the shooter lane. Stays up for several point hits before retracting. When the safety games goes down, the center rollover lights for a knockout.

Video of a Gottlieb Knockout being played (WMV format 6meg).

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