1977 Gottlieb Lucky Hand Pinball (1 player add-a-ball)

Description: Gottlieb Lucky Hand pinball. Same game as Gottlieb Jacks Open pinball. Not to be confused with the 1954 Gottlieb Lady Luck pinball. Lots of drop targets across the top of the playfield. They also made this game in an Electronic format called Jacks to Open (system80). Similar card concept to the 4 player Gottlieb Royal Flush pinball. This again was another popular Gottlieb pinball design, and was recycled for a total of five games. The bank of nine drop targets allows the player to go for particular types of card hands, as dictated on the playfield field light inserts. Three pop bumpers and two slignshots, and lots of rollover switches. They made 2975 Gottlieb Jacks Open replay pinballs, and 610 Gottlieb Lucky Hand add-a-ball pinball machines.

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