1977 Gottlieb Mustang Pinball (2 player)

Description: Gottlieb Mustang pinball. Same game as Gottlieb Bronco pinball, just different number of players (4 players versus 2 players). Gottlieb sold this game design in the two flavors, though they are essentially the exact same game (with artwork differences). The 2 player version (Mustang) had a lower price than the 4 player (Bronco), and was marketed to game operators with less money to spend.

The Gottlieb Mustang pinball has three individual drop targets at mid-playfield. Two kickout holes, three pop bumpers, two dead slingshots (they do not kick), two side kickers (which feed the two kickout holes), and two 3" flippers. A kind of interesting pinball playfield design. Once the drop targets are down, this lights the kickout holes for increased scoring (each downed drop target adds 1000 points to the kickout hole for 4000 points maximum). But shooting the kickout hole does not reset the drop targets. So after the three drop targets are down, there's not much to do other than to "rape" the kickout holes (the kickout bonus stays). If the player gets the A-B-C rollovers, 2x bonus scoring (or 4x on the last ball) is envolked, and the side kickers (alternatively) light for extra ball. The definate downfall of the Gottlieb Mustang pinball is the lack of things to shoot for. Again, once the drop targets are down, they stay down until the ball drains. Also the lack of slingshot kickers above the flippers makes the game play a bit sluggish. See the Gottlieb Bronco for info on what I did to rectify this.

They made 9160 Gottlieb Bronco pinballs, and 2225 Gottlieb Mustang pinball machines.

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