1973 Gottlieb Pro Pool Pinball (1 player AAB)

Description: Gottlieb Pro Pool pinball. Same game as Gottlieb Big Shot and, Gottlieb Hot Shot, just different number of players (2/4 players versus 1 player), and the artwork is different on Pro Pool. Gottlieb Pro Pool is the single player Add-a-ball (AAB) version of Big Shot/Hot Shot. There are two banks of 7 drop targets, a single pop bumper, two 3" flippers, two slingshots, and one kickout hole. A difference between Hotshot/Bigshot and Pro Pool is the return lane gate. On the multi-player versions, if you put the ball in the 8-ball kickout hole, an outlane gate opens which returns the ball to the shooter lane. Pro Pool does not have this option.

Note Gottlieb also made a version of Pro Pool for export to Italy called Gottlieb Play Pool (2339 made). Gottlieb Play Pool is the same game as Gottlieb Pro Pool, but the add-a-ball function does not allow more than 5 balls (compared to Pro Pool's potential for up to 10 balls). They made 800 Gottlieb Pro Pool pinball games. For comparision they made 9000 Gottlieb Hot Shot pinballs, and 2900 Gottlieb Big Shot pinball machines.

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