1952 Gottlieb Quartette pinball

Description: Quartette, 2/52, 1450 produced, 4 flippers and 4 trap holes. Very similar to Four Stars. Woodrail pinball, artwork by Roy Parker.

The right flipper button controls the two right side flippers together. Putting a ball into a trap hole lites the accompanying pop bumper for 1 point scoring. Getting a ball in each of the four trap holes awards one replay. Scoring the 1 to 8 side bumpers (not in order) lites the bottom center rollover for one replay. If there are 4 balls in the trap holes and all 1-8 side bumpers are hit, "super special" is lit on the bottom center rollover (awards 5 replays). The bottom right and left rollover lites the accompanying red button rollovers.

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