1952 Gottlieb Queen of Hearts pinball

Description: Queen of Hearts, 12/52, 2200 produced, 5 gobble holes. woodrail pinball. Artwork by Roy Parker. Top rollver lanes start out lit. If all four are unlit (scored), one lane will light for a replay (lane moves with the 10,000 point unit). Two side bumpers give one point each. If 20 or more points (operator selectible) earned, a replay is awarded. Total points also reward a replay if above 5 million (operator selectible). If 1 to 6 bumpers hit (in order), two Special lights go on under the two rollunder gates. Gobble holes award multiple replays. Four of a kind, straight flush, full house all award 3 replays. If five of a kind is earned (four cards plus Joker), 5 more replays are awarded for a total of 8 replays (3+5). Backglass lights cards where there is at least one ball put in the respective gobble hole. Joker lights if game is tilted.

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