1950 Gottlieb Spot Bowler pinball

Description: Spot Bowler, Gottlieb, 10/50, 1000 produced, mini bowling pins that light up on the playfield, woodrail pinball. Artwork by Roy Parker.

The object of Gottlieb Spot Bowler is to get as many 'strikes' as possible. The five top dead-bumpers each represent two pins. Hitting all five gives a strike. The four mid rollover buttons also spot pins (with the red button rollovers spotting more pins than the yellow). The center standup target is a strike, as is the two lower outlanes. If twelve to seventeen strikes are earned (operator selectible), a replay is awarded. Unlighting the lower three rollovers A-B-C will light the side lane Specials for replay. Unlighting the A or B lower rollovers will light their adjacent dead bumper for 100,000 points. There is also a lower center playfield Special, but this only lights under a few situations (strike numbers 1,4,7 or 10 and at certain positions of the 100,000 and 10,000 score units).

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