Williams Jackpot Stampede Slot Machine

Description: Williams Jackpot Stampede Slot Machine, WMS, circa 1995. Jackpot Stampede slot machine has three mechanical spinning reels. Jackpot Stampede has a bonus round where the reels re-spin. When the right side 'Stampede' symbol lands on the payline, the the voice on the machine calls out, "it's a stampede", and the sounds of cattle running are heard. The right reel shakes a bit like the earth is moving from the stampede, and he bonus round begins. All three reels spin in different directions and respin until it lands on a winning combination on the payline. Usually a cowboy calls out "yee-haw" and "gid-ee-up". Sometimes 'Stampede' can be landed on again on the right reel to continue the bonus round even longer.

Of all the Williams spinning reel slot machines (non-dotmation), Jackpot Stampede is certainly one of the better titles. Available in a 2 and 3 coin versions (but the 3 coin version is best). Note the "JP Stampede Deluxe" version has dotmation ("Jackpot Stampede" is the non-dotmation version).

See a movie of Jackpot Stampede in action.

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Williams Jackpot Stampede slot machine with a 16" top.

Williams Jackpot Stampede slot machine with a round top.

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