This Old Pinball Restoration Videos
"This Old Pinball" (TOP) repair & restoration DVD videos cover pinball and other coin operated arcade games. Mechanical, electronic, and aesthetic restoration is covered. The videos are hosted by the infamous "Shaggy" and "Norm" (of This Old House TV fame?) Who is "Shaggy", you ask? Well he's a nutbar (is that his *real* hair? yea sure, duh) originally from Rochester, NY who likes restoring coin operated games. Norm, the never-seen camera man, is Shaggy's creative sidekick with a Bostonian accent and a knack for woodworking. Their pinball repair videos have been reviewed in several magazines, including Gameroom Magazine and the Pingame Journal. "If you like your serious pinball repair laced with madcap humor, then this and the other TOP videos are for you" (Pingame Journal, issue #85/86).

The majority of the money from the TOP video sales goes to Tim Arnold's non-profit "Las Vegas Pinball Collector's Club". Also known as the "Pinball Hall of Fame" (PHoF). They have been saving to buy or lease a building in Las Vegas where approximately 200 working vintage pinball machines from the 1930s to the 1990s will be displayed & operated. And the dream has come true - as of January 2006 th PHoF is now open in Las Vegas! And as of November 2009 the PHoF has bought a new building, doubling its size. The proceeds after rent, electricity, etc will be donated to the Las Vegas Salvation Army.

Video Pricing.
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    For United States orders:
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The only way to buy the DVDs is to send a check. Sorry we do *not* use paypal or other payment methods. You will have to email us for an address.

All DVD videos are NTSC format with no region code, two hours. These videos are all in fun and contain TONS of information on game restoration and repair, and the money goes to a good pinball cause. Any questions or comments, email:

Question: Why do you guys take so long to release a new video?
Answer: It's all Norm's fault. Really it is. Blame him.

The TOP video #8 is available. This video is a bit different and interesting, and covers EM (electro-mechanical) ball bowler and shuffle alley restoration and repair. Trailer for TOP#8 is available for your online viewing pleasure.

TOP#7 Info and On-line Trailer Video. The TOP7 video, "Banzai Wars", has a streaming two minute teaser sample video available for view in your browser.

Shaggy and Norm worked on this video for two years, and it's available for your eyes! The popularity of 1980s and 1990s pin games has really skyrocketed, so Norm and the Shagster felt it was time to do a video about restoring these great games. Covered is repair and restoraton of Williams System 11 (1985 to 1990) and DataEast (1987 to 1995) pinball games. Though much of this information could certainly be applied to other brands and eras of pin games. Note TOP7 has some language and suggestive content that is not intented for kids.

Of course the purchased videos are much higher quality than the web video teasers.