1940 Seeburg Shoot the Chutes

Description: Shoot the Chutes, Seeburg, 6/40, a Rayolite gun game, targets are parachutes, a WW2 revamp of the 1939 Seeburg Chicken Sam, a two-part (target unit and pedestal) light activation gun game known as the Ray-o-lite (Rayolite/Rayolight) G-1 (G1) gun. A light gun style game with a target cabinet and a separate gun cabinet. In 1940 Seeburg marketed Chicken Same with other themes, such as a prison theme called Jailbird. Then in 1942, Mike Munves and Harold W. Thompson (a Texas Seeburg distributor) converted used Chicken Sam games to other war related themes, since new production was not possible during WW2. This included Kill the Jap/Trap the Jap and Hit the Siamese Rats. Other conversions of ChickenSam were available including Kill the Rat, the Wolf, Bag-A-Bunny, Mother-in-Law, Bartender and Jail Bird. After the war, in 1947 Seeburg introduced Shoot the Bear.

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