1958 Genco Space Age

Description: Space Age, Genco, 4/58, great space graphics, similar to Genco's Motorama (1957) and Chicago Coin's Jet Pilot (1959), but with a space theme. Genco Space Age "Test your skill to see how far you can travel through space." This is done by driving the remote truck over the six lit rollovers (much like the Genco Motorama). Each Genco Spaceage lit rollover gives 100 miles. There are also five disc on the playfield, and picking up discs (via a magnet on the front of the truck's bumper) and pushing them under the rockets scores miles. A disc under rocket one gives 100 miles, under rocket two 200 miles, number three 300 miles, etc. But discs must be put under the rockets in order for the most points (when a disc is put under rocket number two it counts 200 miles, but only if there is a disc under rocket one). The Genco Space Age ratings are blast off, stratosphere reached, outerspace reached and space expert. When the game ends, a solenoid pushes the scored wood pucks out and back onto the playfield (if the truck is in the way, it can push the truck too!)

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Picture from the P.Hoebert Collection (Holland).

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