1959 Chicago Coin Jet Pilot

Description: Jet Pilot, Chicago Coin, 5/59, same cabinet as Genco's Motorama (1957) and Space Age (1958), a space flying game. The game play is based on flying a jet in a circle with a steering wheel. Must bring the jet to a certain altitude (speed) and the center red light goes on and the buzzer sounds. Now the plane may be landed on the playfield (partitioned into six pie slices, each representing a city). Game starts out with all cities lit, your job is to unlight all 12 cities (six inside plus six outside lights) in 12 flights. Turning the steering wheel one direction propels the plane, turning it in the other applies the brake. The center position coasts the plane.

Chicago Coin bought Genco in 1958, and this game was on Genco's design table but was released as a Chicago Coin game after CCM acquired Genco. The score glass says "Chicago Coin", but the background scenery says "Genco". Very similar to Air Defense (C.R. Kirk & Company, but distributed by International Mutoscope, 10/40).

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