1957 Genco Motorama

Description: Motorama, Genco, 10/57, similar to Genco's 1958 Space Age and Chicago Coin's 1959 Jet Pilot. In Genco Motorama you steer a car, and have a lever for forward and reverse. The object is to steer onto the different targets, ramps, etc, to work your way across the USA from NY to LA. Use steering wheel to direct Motor Rama car over lit rollover buttons (any part of the front or rear of the car over a rollover will score). Regulate Motorama speed (forward and reverse), and direction of car by slowly pushing in or pulling out the "Automatic Drive" knob. White rollovers score single, red rollovers score double (that is move the car twice as far across the map.) Two motors used in the Genco Motorama car - one that powers one rear wheel (driver side) and one that uses a leather clutch to steer the front wheels. The two motors appear to be from Pittman of Sellersville PA (the DC-60 looks correct.) Front "glass" of the Genco Motorama is actually plastic with a "Genco" and "10 cents" silk screen decal designs. Original plastic car body used is a "promo" toy car (promo cars were promotional toy cars given out by car dealers to potential new car buyers). The Genco Motorama car is a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere 2-door made by Johan (a 1958 Belvedere or Fury Johan promo car will also work, as the only difference is the front grill and side stripe). These Johan promo cars came in many colors, and Genco Motorama used a variety of colors.

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If you are repainting a Genco Motorama cabinet, these colors work well: Krylon 1806 Sun Yellow, Krylon 1501 Gloss White or Ivory white, Krylon 1910 True Blue, Ace Hardware 17016 Ace Orange.

This game has a repainted cabinet:

This game has an original cabinet and original front clear plastic, with a non-original
car body and non-original car cable:

This game is repainted and restored by P.Hoebert:

The car's guts:

Motor size was increased on later versions of Motorama.

Earlier Motoramas had a single wiper for each wire on the rotating cuff.
Later Motoramas used dual wipers.

The Johan "promo" car. Notice the slight differences in the grill, and the side body stripe.
The 1957 Belvedere is the correct car, but the 1958 Fury is very close.

Early Motoramas had the "for Expert Drivers" graphic outlined in blue. Later Motoramas had this graphic outlined in red.
Also note the "trees" are made from foam. Often these are replaced with the model railroad type (which look better
but are not correct). Note the switch at the top of the ramp

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