1974 Chicago Coin Twin Skeet Shoot

Description: Twin Skeet Shoot, Chicago Coin, 1974, twin guns, Dale style gun (not a light gun), 2 players, electronic target sounds and optional 8-track tape player, unlimited shots in a timed game, one target appears and moves, quickest more accurate player gets the points, black light. One in the series of three 1970s twin rifle games including Chicago Coin's Twin Rifle (1971) and Midway's Twin Pirate (1974). Twin SkeetShoot is not as quick of a game as Twin Rifle though. This is because Skeet Shoot uses an optical illusion to make the target look like it is moving, even after being shoot. This is unlike the Twin Rifle which immediately puts up a new target after the current target is hit, making Twin Rifle much faster and wild, especially in two player mode.