1971 Chicago Coin Twin Rifle

Description: Twin Rifle, Chicago Coin, 1971, two players and two rifles, Has 8-track tape player and electronic target sounds. Dale style gun game (not a light gun), a timed game with unlimited shots where one animal target appears and the quickest most accurate gun player gets the points. As soon as one target is shoot, another appears immediately (play is quite fast). Can be played in one player mode too. The game is incredibly fast, immediately putting up a new target after the current target is hit, making for wild games in two player mode. The faster the players hit the target, the fast another appear, which keeps the competitive thrill going strong. Also the faster the targets are hit, the higher the score. Both guns have recoil solenoids. Three 18" florescent blacklight illumination lights. Size is 30 5/8" wide by 72" high by 40" deep. Game came with two different styles of instruction cards between the guns on the deck: one with two start buttons, and one with no start buttons (the flyer shows *no* instruction card between the guns!)

First in the series of 1970s twin gun games including Chicago Coin's Twin Skeet Shoot (1974), Foreign Legion Twin Machine Gun (1971), Big Top Twin Rifle (1973), and Midway's Twin Pirate (1974). Twin Rifle is the probably the best of these 1970s twin rifle games.

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Twin Rifle 8-track player and sound board.

Twin Rifle score motor.

Three 18" black lights illuminate the scenery, as seen here underneath the rifle deck.

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