1973 Chicago Coin Big Top Twin Rifle Gallery

Description: Big Top Twin Rifle Gallery, Chicago Coin, 1973, dual gun game, 8-track tape player and electronic sound for gun shot, four blacklight light tubes. Both guns have recoil. Unlimited shots with a timed game. If one player gets past a set score, both players get extended game time. Multiple targets to shoot for at any one time. Ducks always move across the bottom of the screen (200 points each), and fall back if hit. Other animal targets pop up and fall down if hit (100 points each). At times a multiple point bullseye target appears (100 to 300 points per hit). The fastest and most accurate shooter gets the points.

Similar to the other twin gun games such as Twin Rifle (1971), Foreign Legion Twin Machine Gun (1971), Twin Skeet Shoot (1974), and Midway's Twin Pirate (1974).

The author's Chicago Coin Big Top gun game:

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