1974 Midway Twin Pirate Gun

Description: Twin Pirate Gun, Midway, 5/74, #569, two players and two guns, 8-track sound tape player and electronic target sound, ray gun with eight light activate targets, rocking boat gives feeling of sea waves, a timed game with unlimited shots where the quickest most accurate player gets the points, black light. Size is 29.5" wide by 35.5" deep by 69" high.

One in the series of similar 1970s twin gun games including Chicago Coin's Twin Rifle (1971), Foreign Legion Twin Machine Gun (1971), Big Top Twin Rifle (1973), and Twin Skeet Shoot (1974).

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Thanks to Mark, you can hear the 53 second version of the 8-track sound for Twin Pirate of "Sailing, Sailing, Over the Bounding Main" by clicking here. The singers don't sound much like pirates, and this doesn't sound much like a song swashbuckling pirates would sing, but the song was apparently in the public domain.

Mats Lönnborg describes how he replaced the gun light: Replace using standard halogen 12volt 25watt lamps, and use silicon or a rubber tape/glue to reproduce the ceramic base around the original bulb. Using a lamp without the silicon will blow the bulb in about two shots due to the vibtrations from the recoil in the rifles (the connecting legs to the lamp filiment breaks off). The rifles also get very warm after a set of plays with the original or the new lamps. The original lamps are marked 10.8 volts 30 watts (DZA 10.8v 30W) and are GE #43 projection bulb.

Manual is available for viewing as is the Parts Catalog.

Pictures by Randy Peck and Mats Lönnborg.

The 8-track player.

The original DZA 10.8v 30W gun
light bulb GE 43 with the ceramic base.

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