1939 Bally Alley Bowler

Description: Bally Alley, Bally, 11/39, one player, a motor spins the bowling ball at a very high speed, and is released by the player by a special thumb trigger switch in the "grip-a-ball" coin door panel. There are three holes in the ball at the front of the cabinet that you put your fingers into a bowlling ball like fixture. Inside the thumb hole is a button that when pressed starts a motor that spins a steel bowling ball. The 4-way swivel action of this control allows the player to aim and put "english" on the ball. As the ball hits the alley, it is spinning so fast it picks up and shots down the alley. Pins disappear to the right and left under side curtains (unlike the 1957 Williams Ten Strike where the pins go up). When the player button is released the ball goes spinning down the lane towards the pins. The pins are mounted from under the playfield with a finger like mechanism. When hit the pins slide back behind leather curtains. The score is kept by a brass wheel in the head that has numbers punched out. A light projects the numbers through a lens onto the backglass. Bally Alley scoring is also just like the 1957 Williams Ten Strike: 30 points for a strike, 20 points for a spare, one point for each pin in a "blow"). Uses projector style scoring (like the 1939 Evans Ten Strike). Similar to Exhibit Supply's Bowling Game (1939).

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Note the 1939 Bally Alley should not be confused with the 1974 Bally Alley/Bally Lane wall/pedestal game.

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