AMF Thunder Bowl Bowling Alley

Description: Thunder Bowl, AMF, recent (exact date unknown), 5" balls (3.5 pounds), about 30 feet lane (compared to Bowlarama's lane at 20 foot), under the lane ball return system. Thunderbowl is an undated version of Bill Jonesi's original United Bowlarama (1960). Thunder Bowl has pins attached by cables, so they are free-floating and can knock over adjacent pins. Thunderbowl is basically a slightly smaller coin operated version of real bowling. Uses a 15" LCD flat touch screen monitor for scoring (including some neat animations between frames). Sold as a pair of lanes (not singular). Thunderbowl is not a movable bowler like the traditional coin-op ball bowlers, but is much bigger and well attached to a stationary position. The price for a game was $3 (compared to the 10 cent games on an original 1960 Bowlarama!) AMF provides technical specs and revenue specs.

Pictures taken at Mr.Bigs in Colorado Springs, CO.

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