1971 Gottlieb 2001 Pinball (1 player replay)

Description: Gottlieb 2001 pinball. Same game as Gottlieb Dimension pinball. Twenty drop targets and a center four standup target bank, two small 2" flippers, four slingshot kickers. Single player wedgehead cabinet design. Gottlieb Two Thousand and One is the replay version of this game, which means you can win free games. Gottlieb Dimension is the add-a-ball pinball version, which means no free games, but you can win extra balls during the game. Both games are the same design, but have different artwork (personally I like Gottlieb Dimension artwork a bit better). There are two banks of 10 drop targets up the sides of the playing field. Two pop bumpers and four slingshots (two upper, two lower). The center target area has four standup targets. Across the top of the playfield are five kickout holes. This pair of Gottlieb pinballs has a lot of expensive features for pinballs made in 1971 (lots of drop targets). The small 2" flippers makes it pretty darn challenging. They made 2200 Gottlieb Two Thousand One pinballs in the replay version, and 490 Gottlieb Dimension add-a-ball pinballs. Gottlieb also made a version of Dimension/2001 for export to Italy called Gottlieb Galaxie (1279 units, officially the first game to have multiple large banks of drop targets.) You can read up on the restoration I did on a 1971 Gottlieb 2001 here. Score cards ZIP'ed and in Photoshop format can be downloaded here (4meg).

Knocking down all of any one color of the four different drop target color groups lites an in or out lanes for 300 points (instead of 50 points). It also lites the corresponding top kickout hole for 300 points (instead of 50). In addition there are four lights in the backglass (one for each of the four colors of drop targets) that turns on when all of one color drop target is knocked down. If all 20 drop targets are knocked down, one of the four center stationary target lights for Special (this is a moving special), and the center purple top kickout hole stays lit for Special. If the game is set to "conservative" play, you only need to knock down 15 of the 20 drops (3 of the 4 drop target colors) to lite the Specials for 5 ball play (three colors for 3 ball play).

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